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nazem kadri being adorable on the hnic playoff panel

i ate like three pieces of cake

and im wired up tbh


humans nature; i.e. messy hair, chapped lips, tainted skin, freckles, veins, bones, bruises, scars. we only have flaws if they are perceived that way.


wyclef said no fighting


Have you ever gone into the tag of your favorite player looking for some nice edits, only to be faced with liveblogs from a game from last week, links to articles not even remotely related to your team, or the same post over and over again? Well, there’s a solution!
This is a proposition for all you edit and gifmakers of the hockey fandom, and participation is totally voluntary. The idea is that whatever edit or gif you make, you tag with #hockeyedit and #teamnameedit, so for example, an edit or gif of a canucks player would be tagged #canucksedit and so on and so forth for other teams. You also have the option of tagging the player in that fashion as well (Ex. #pksubbanedit, #alexedleredit). 
This is meant to create a space you can go to if you only want to see pretty pictures or gifs of your favorite team or player without having to deal with other things in the tags like hate or unrelated posts. 
Of course, you can still tag the team and player as you have before, by tagging just their names; this is in no way meant to replace that!
If you like this idea, all you have to do is tag your edits in the format stated above, and make sure they’re in the first 5 tags of your post, as those are the only ones that show up in the tracked tags. 
Thanks for being great, hockey fandom, keep doing what you’re doing.


worst pain imaginable

The Claude Giroux Gun Show™ [x]

Track: Life Round Here
Artist: James Blake ft. Chance the Rapper


Life Round Here - James Blake ft. Chance the Rapper


april 18, 2014: benn to chiasson and stars score first